Meeting Minutes

PTO Meetings will take place virtually at the end of CPA Town Hall meetings.
Watch for announcements from the school. 

Virtual Town Hall/PTO Meeting, Thurs., Dec. 2nd, 6pm – PTO will have a virtual meeting immediately following the Town Hall with the Principals. Please see school announcements for the link.

CPA PTO Meeting Minutes Archive

Apr 23, 2020 

Meeting Called to order by Mr. Rowe

Minutes were read by Lee Rowe. Karolyn Moss moved and Vania McBean seconded a motion to approve the February minutes. The motion passed.

Financial Report

Ms. Moss reported that the PTO account has a balance of $8,777.85. The classes have the following funds being held for them:

2020: $965.46

2021: $100

2022: $0.00

2023: $432.60

2024: $1,209.35

2025: $1,392.45

2026: $416.35

SGA: $524.25

Subtracting the class amounts, the PTO has $3,736.99, in its operating account.


Principal’s Report

Mr. Baker

The deadline for registration for next year is April 30 and can be done on Connexus.

Senior dues refunds should be received between May 4 and May 14

The last school day for seniors is May 15.

There will be no printing of Quarter 3 report cards. Report cards can be accessed via SchoolMax.

May 1 is the deadline for acceptance to CPA via the lottery.

Medications for students that are in the school can be mailed out by Nurse Anthony. Please contact Mr. Libby or Mr. Baker if those medications need to be mailed out.

The county will provide information in 2 to 4 weeks about school lunch refunds.

Seniors must complete the exit surveys for the state, county, and CPA on Naviance by April 30. Ms. Godwin would also like results of college applications for her report to the county.

CPA Plus virtual programs started on April 20 and will continue to the end of the year. Families can opt for credit for Fall 2020 CPA Plus programs or refund for Spring 2020 programs that were not completed.

Another CPA town hall meeting is in the works and will be announced as soon as a date is set.

Mr. Libby stated that there is no word on whether school will reconvene this year or not but thinks it will probably not. Mr. Libby will contact students about whether they want to have a prom at a later date or not.

New Business

Normally, PTO board elections would be held at the May meeting. However, because the situation is not normal, the PTO board suggested that nominations and elections be postponed until the beginning of the next school year. Seeing that there were no objections, elections will be postponed until then.


Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4-8.

Normally, PTO with parent donations would provide meals and snacks to teachers during the week. Because of the shutdown that cannot be done. Meeting participants were asked for ideas of how the PTO can show its appreciation for the teachers. Gift cards or e-gift cards was suggested. The board will consider the suggestions and provide some form of appreciation on behalf of the PTO.


Class of 2020, PTO gift

Meeting participants were asked for ideas on gifts for seniors since senior events have been canceled or postponed. The board will consider suggestions and provide some gift to seniors.


The next PTO meeting will be May 21, 7:00-8:00.


CPA PTO Meeting Minutes
February 20, 2020

7:00 Call to Order
7:05 Dr. Arbogast
Dr. Arbogast and Caroline Bernache announced that the CPA Board will be hosting another
Parent Engagement event. The dates they are considering are Saturday, March 21st (9 – 11 am) and
Tuesday, April 21st (7 – 9 pm). The plan is to find out from the parents and staff their thoughts and ideas
regarding making CPA a better school, environment and community. More details to follow.
7:15 Principal’s Report
Mr. Baker discussed the incident this morning. There was a fight between a group of high school
girls. Mr. Baker and Mr. Libby are addressing the situation.
Mr. Baker introduced Patricia Gray, the new Math Tutor. She has 20 years of experience. They
are very pleased with her addition to the staff.
March 9th – 31st is the window for scheduling next year’s classes. There will be two scheduling
nights. March 4th, 6pm – 7pm is the scheduling night for grades 9 & 10. March 5th, 6pm to 7pm for grades 11 & 12.
March 25th the boys basketball team will be playing in the Divisional at Eleanor Roosevelt HS.
The MCAP (like the PARCC test) is scheduled for April/May.
7:30 Minutes Accepted/seconded
7:35 Financial Report
The PTO has over $8000 in the account. The Treasurer listed amounts that are in each of the
grade level accounts. The middle school grades are doing quite well, the high school grades – not so much. Much more fundraising will need to be done for the high school grades in order to offset the costs of senior dues and proms.

7:40 Old Business
KidStuff Coupon Book fundraiser update
Tomorrow is the last day of the Coupon Book fundraiser.

7:50 New Business
Ice skating event – March 20
The event will be held at the Herbert Wells Rink from 6:45 to 8:45. The cost is $10 which will
include skate rental, hot dog, chips and a drink. The cost of the rink is $550. In order to break even, we
will need 55 people to attend. Tickets will be sold at the door. Everyone is invited. It is very family
friendly. We will also be selling additional drinks & treats and accepting donations. Signup genius has
been sent out.
Italian Dinner
April 23 – 5:30pm, is the Italian Dinner, CPA plus performances, PTO meeting and Silent Auction.
sign up genius for food donations will be going out closer to the date.
8:10 Adjournment

Middle School Dance (t-shirt/jeans-be creative) – March 13, 6pm to 9pm – Contest for the
most creative outfits.
Ice Skating – March 20 – Sign Up genius has been sent out.
Parent Engagement workshop at CPA – March 21
Playoffs for basketball at Eleanor Roosevelt – March 25
Parent Engagement workshop at CPA – April 21
Italian Dinner/Silent Auction/CPA Plus Performing Art Support – April 23
Middle School Dance – Spring Fling – Mary 1
Teacher Appreciation Week – May 4-8
Athletic Banquet – May 15
Senior Breakfast – May 16
Graduation – May 26
8th Grade cruise – June 2
8th Grade promotion ceremony – June 5


CPA PTO Meeting Agenda
November 21, 2019

7:00 Call to Order
7:05 Principal’s report and Q&A
● Report was delayed because Mr. Baker was presenting at the
Open House for potential parents.
● 12/5 & 12/9 CPA open house for prospective families
● 12/4 PSAT & ACT for 10th grade
● Scholastic book fair at the end of January
● Middle school science fair at end of January
● High school honors assembly after Thanksgiving vacation
● Field trip on 12/7 to Bowie state STEM workshop
● PARCC/MCAP testing season March -May
● Robocall last Monday re: threat to school was false alarm.
There was no threat but a robocall was sent at the request of
PGCPS management to parents.
● 6 UMD dual enrollment classes
● 3 to 5 kids concurrently enrolled in UMD
● 36 kids concurrently enrolled in Bowie/PGCC

● CPA Plus would appreciate snack donations due by 12/12 for
holiday recital
7:15 Approval of October meeting minutes
● Minutes from the last meeting were read & approved
7:20 Financial Report
● Insurance paid
● PO Box paid
● Class of 2020 paid
7:25 Old Business

Harvest Dance report
● Ticket sales $1690
● DJ cost $300 (PTO)
● Proceeds to be divided equally between SGA & the middle
school grades
7:35 New Business
● Barnes & Noble Book Fair
○ Needs sign up genius
○ Kids get service learning hours
● Pancake dinner at December PTO meeting
○ Need coordinator
○ $5/members
○ $7/nonmembers
○ $10/door

● KidStuff Coupon Books – books ordered
○ $25/each
○ 12/5 thru 12/18th
○ Sell 3 for a T-shirt
○ Sell 10 for a sweat shirt

7: Adjournment
● Attended by 15 members
● 2 staff & 2 students

November 27-29, Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2, CPA Board Meeting
December 7, Barnes and Noble Book Fair
December 19, PTO Meeting/ Pancake Dinner

CPA PTO Meeting Agenda Minutes

October 10, 2019

7:00 Call to Order

7:05 Principal’s Report and Q&A

Presented by Mr. Baker

October 16 – PSAT day for 10th graders

October 21 – 25 Spirit Week

Monday – Favorite Character Day

Tuesday – Wacky Tacky Day (mismatched/mixed up)

Wednesday – Biz Down – Business Attire

Thursday – Blackout Day (all black clothes)

Friday – Class Color Day

October 23 – 2020 Parent Night

October 30 – Picture Night (need parent volunteers)

November 2 – Quarter 1 ends

November 4 – Quarter 2 begins (off schedule with PGCPS schedule)

November 4 – PGCC Dual Enrollment (grades 10-12)

December 2 – CPA Board Meeting

December 4 – PSAT 8/9 All 8th graders – SUPER IMPORTANT

Good idea to 6th/7th grade to take PSAT’s

SAT questions – see Mr. Irwin

Open Gym for basketball – training not tryouts

Signature Program night coming in December/January

Parent volunteers need to watch the 3 Safety Videos

Watch for Bikers/Walkers

State’s Attorney is looking for Interns (seniors)

7:15 Approval of September minutes 

Minutes read by secretary and approved.

7:20 New Business

Kid’s Stuff Coupon Book Fundraiser

Need a parent for each grade

Website available for ordering

Books available by state/online

Books $25 each (50% profit)

Grade level contest

Money follows the class

Art/Logo Contest

Pancake Dinner

December 19th – dinner starts at 6pm

PTO Meeting and Pancake dinner

Need Volunteers & donations

Barnes & Noble

December 7th, Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 PM

Service learning hours

Gift wrap table

Lego table


7:40 Adjournment

Upcoming Events

October 19 – Parent Engagement Workshop

October 25 – Homecoming Dance

October 30 – School pictures

November 15 – MS Harvest Dance

November 21 – PTO Meeting

November 27-29 Thanksgiving Break

December 2, CPA Board Meeting

December 7 – Barnes & Noble Book Fair

December 19 – PTO Meeting/Pancake Dinner

December 23-31 – Winter Break


CPA PTO Meeting Agenda

September 26, 2019

7:00 Call to Order

7:05 Introduction of new PTO Board

The new PTO Board for the 2019-2020 school year was introduced.

President: Lee Rowe

High School Vice President: Uche Unwesi

Middle School Vice President: Thelmetria Michaelides

Secretary: Bonnie Lawson

Parliamentarian: Natasha Andrews

7:10 Parent Engagement Workshop 

Two of the CPA Board members, Dr. Stephen Thomas and Dr. Carolyn Bernache engaged the parents in a group exercise focussed on the theme of what CPA means to me.  Also discussed was the Board Engagement event planned for October 19th. 

7:20 Principal’s Report

Presented by Mr. Libby.

Mr. Lbby & Mr. Baker go into classrooms every day.

Traffic is a challenge especially with the construction surrounding the purple line.  The school has hired police to assist.

Middle school summer bridge to accelerate students who may be ready to take Biology in 8th grade instead of waiting for the 9th grade.

We now have (8) face-to-face AP classes this year.  Last year we found that virtual AP classes were very challenging & our teachers stepped up to get certified over the summer to teach AP. 

Last year (1) student took (4) AP classes and scored all 5’s on the tests.

Introducing Engineering program this year.

Athletics – girls volleyball; boys & girls basketball

Two of our new teachers came from UMD

New Ascent Program – UMD students working with seniors to prepare them for college

Per our principals – the secret to CPA’s Success is our Parents!

7:30 Approval of Minutes

Minutes read by secretary and approved.

7:35 Budget for 2019/2020

President Lee Rowe went over the budget for the upcoming year (attached).  It was reviewed and unanimously approved by the assembled parents.

Balance of funds in PTO account: $7, 540.45

7:45 Election of Treasurer

The single nominee for treasurer, Karolyn Moss was elected as treasurer by acclimation. No dissenters.

7:55 New Business

Hispanic Celebration plan and sign up will be coming out soon.  There was some discussion as to when the date was – 10/10 or 10/17 

8:00 Adjournment

Upcoming Events

October 17 – Hispanic Heritage 6-7, PTO Meeting 7-8  —To be verified

October 26 – Homecoming

October 30 – School Pictures

November 15 – MS Harvest Dance

November 21 – PTO Meeting

EventsDecember 7 – Barnes and Noble Book Fair

December 19 – PTO Meeting/ Pancake Dinner